IT services

“felkészítés az új adatvédelmi rendeletre – GDPR”


Kritikus Infrastruktúra Védelem

“azonosítási eljárások lefolytatása”


Security systems

“kivitelezés, tervezés”


Bodyguard and property protection services

napi 24 órában



In case of problematic issues we can provide professional help with prevention and arrangement with full discretion. We can help in private, corporate, business, civil and criminal cases as well.

Finding exact location of debtors abroad and within the country borders alike:

  • Preparing casework
  • Hidden monitoring of employees in vehicles of transport, checking if they keep the rules of transporting valuables
  • Planning and checking routes for transportation of valuables for preventive reasons
  • Insurance cases, examination of circumstances of damages and losses
  • Examination of events already happened, getting and preparing official documents
  • Finding lost or hiding persons both abroad and within the country borders