IT services

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Kritikus Infrastruktúra Védelem

“azonosítási eljárások lefolytatása”


Security systems

“kivitelezés, tervezés”


Bodyguard and property protection services

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Gained or produced information, databases are of great value nowadays. Our datas, the protection of the IT Systems of our companies are playing more and more important roles in our everyday lives. IT Systems are threatened by several outside and inside dangers: hacker attacks, viruses, data fishing attacks, unauthorized access to company materials, data theft etc. which are all tend to gain valuable and confidential information from us.
We can reduce the chance of the abovementioned with using proper IT protection tools and processes by creating and observing IT-security and data-handling rules. The goal of these is a perfectly protected system however, because of constant development it is something very hard to accomplish. This is why it is necessary to maintain and improve our security systems and tools.

Several accepted methods and processes have been invented to maintain and constantly control the IT sector. There are two main groups:

  • Protecting tools (infrastructural): developing computer-system, firewalls, protecting softwares, virus protection
  • Data-handling instructions, security rules