IT services

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Kritikus Infrastruktúra Védelem

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Security systems

“kivitelezés, tervezés”


Bodyguard and property protection services

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We carry out our activities in the following topics comply with the Hungarian and the international law: company safety, auditing and prevention work. Hungary, like the other developed European country, has to be prepared for next challenges:
  • attacks by the competitions
  • early detections of the negative effects
  • a strong exploit of the positive opportunities
Nowadays, one of the most important conditions of the competitiveness is the information from a correct and creditable source. We satisfy our clients' information needs with the business intelligence methods and tools, and with this, we promote the business success.
  • Business and economic information obtain
  • Disclosure the European organizations and individulas` legal, financial and other circumstances
  • Economic defense consulting: risk assessment, risk analysis, consultation
  • CAcquisition the company information, preventive control before contract in Hungary and the neighboring countries
  • Credit analysis
  • Business companies and organizations` staff ad hoc and continuous security monitoring
  • Personal and company information and data collection and monitoring: in-house security control
  • Collecting information before the trade, assessment and verification of infomation-defence, gathering evidence in litigious and in case out of court.