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bullet proof glass and metal panels, certified by the Alliance of Hungarian Insurance Companies, based on ballistic tests, resist a wide range of hand weapons, providing a high level of security for those within the protected zone. The supporting and frame structures necessary for installation are also certified. We can cover the metal structures with wooden or other overlay to suit the interior environment.
Type Traditional PSI Europa Ltd.
weight/m2 thickness weight/m2 thickness
C3-SF 142 kg 59 mm 62.8 kg 50 mm
C4-SF 156 kg 65 mm 92 kg 58 mm
C5-SF 171 kg 71 mm 115 kg 65 mm
The table above well illustrates the favorable characteristics of our security glass panels. The significantly decreased weight and thickness is an important advantage when installing, since installation will mean much less strain on the existing building structure, especially when existing, non-armored structures must be replaced.

Product references::

  • Hungarian National Bank
  • Interior Ministry - Correctional Institutes