Safety Protocol

An elaborated safety protocol runs it in harmony, makes a passage possible between certain fields, which may be: scope of staff’s duties, safety technology system or systems or fire safety and other important tasks of different companies. In the course of our work we keep the client’s expectation and the interest of the company in view and we analyze the conception of the existing safety protocol in everyday life, and the way it meets the requirements of the company.

Safety protocol holds together, co-ordinates those operations which were worked out for the interest of the area security. From a defensive point of view it is as important as the profitable function and the clear managing of the companies. In the life of the companies to gain the optimum control finely co-ordinate processes are required and the safety protocol must guarantee the clamping of the parts and operates these as a whole for a safe and effective function.

We go through and analyze, supervise and test the fields hold together by the already existing safety protocol and we provide support and technical expertise referring to the received results to develop a new system or elaborate the existing one. In the interest of efficiency we must join different fields together like IT safety, business and secrecy protocol or the activity of the armed staff according the safety protocol.