Receivables Management

It is in the interest of the players of the economy to avoid the expensive and lengthy legal proceedings when managing their unpaid liabilities; furthermore, that the appropriate licensed organization represent them professionally in order to settle the legal disputes peacefully.

The owners and associates of our company have several years of experience in the management and derivation of receivables, both pecuniary and asset claims (means of production, vehicles, misc. equipment etc.). As a result of our exceptional professional and technical competence, we undertake to collect the claims of our clients as soon as possible, preferably including expenses.

Taking advantage of the position of the neutral third party we strive to make it a priority for debtors to settle the payments, we conduct negotiations, sign contracts of payment in installments where applicable, and make sure they are paid in time and commitments are honored.

Our associates are lawyers and economists who restore the willingness and ability of debtors to settle claims, based on their skills and several years of professional experience, as a result of which even the business relationship between our client and the debtor may be restored.

If part or all of the collateral is missing in case of debt collection in cash, our company will seek out alternative solutions acceptable to both parties (i.e. bills of exchange, compensation, etc.). Our company will search for valuables and property which may be seized, when necessary.

We work together with prominent lawyer's offices, on a continuous basis. As a result of their specific professional knowledge and many years of practical experience, we are able to arrive at a successful settlement in even the particularly complicated and seemingly failed cases.

Recently, due to the activity and operations of our company, we were able to recover over 6 million euros of outstanding claims  to our clients. Consequently their unpaid receivables were reduced to a third of the initial amount. One of the reasons for this, beyond the reasons listed above, is that we improved the payment discipline of debtors; the other reason being that our company makes use of an effective corporate and personal informational approach.