Property Protection

Events of the past years have evidently proven that the law enforcement agencies of the state are no longer able to - with the implementation of traditional measures - fully guarantee the protection of life and property. Therefore, where the situation makes it necessary, the guarantee of security must be entrusted to highly-trained and specialized security personnel who must be equipped with the most advanced protective and technical devices in order to accomplish their work to a high standard.

Meeting the challenges of our age - evaluating the case histories of recent criminal options - we put an emphasis on the high-level training of our professional associates. Our security experts take part in training programs provided by American, British, and Israeli security agencies, which complements their knowledge obtained from special Hungarian security training centers.

Our security experts are able to utilize the theoretic and practical skills of educational programs based on international experience, in carrying out protective assignments ranging from the basic tasks to exceptional levels, when solving everyday problems; thus increasing the shield of protection over the life and property of the client.

Beyond the prevention and interception of criminal activity, we consider it our duty to avoid and terminate every kind of damage, and in case such damage has already taken place, to immediately begin and complete the necessary initial steps to minimize its extent.

  • Armed safe transport of money and valuables, internationally upon request
  • Protection of facilities: armed, unarmed security guards, canine security units
  • Doormen, receptionists with foreign language skills
  • Guarding and security supervision of commercial units and
  • Protection of Casinos

We consider it especially important to inspect the quality of the work of our employees round the clock, which is carried out by a separate inspection team specially set up for this purpose.